Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti fatigue matting is used in the work place by many occupations to help relieve discomfort caused by standing for long periods of time. Antifatigue mats can benefit many people where their job involves a lot of standing including pharmacies, shops, hotels, warehouses, factories and engineering workshops.

So, What Are the Benefits?

Reported benfits of anti fatigue mats include a reduction in tiredness, less muscle fatigue especially in the lower limbs, reduced back, hip and neck pain and a general improvement in the feeling well being. A reduction in employee time off and improved productivity is often reported with the use of an anti fatigue mat.

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  1. Comfort Tough Anti Fatigue Mat

    The Comfort Tough is a premium quality anti fatigue mat providing outstanding comfort. Made from premium vinyl sponge with PVC deckplate for exceptional durability.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £36.99
  2. Comfort Pebble Anti Fatigue Mat

    Comfortable and cushioned industrial anti-fatigue mat offering excellent value.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £15.00
  3. Comfort Pebble Safety Anti Fatige Mat

    The Comfort Pebble Safety anti fatigue mat provides outstanding comfort and fantastic value for money with a yellow safety edge.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £18.00
  4. Comfort Rib Anti Fatigue Mat Grey

    Superb value quality foam anti fatigue mat with a smart ribbed apperance.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £18.63
  5. Happy Feet Mat

    Premier quality antifatigue mat suitable for industrial areas in wet or dry conditions. Oil resiatant and also make an effective swarf mat.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £74.20
  6. Diamond Tread Tile System Interlocking

    Diamond Tread tile system offer anti fatigue and anti slip properties, interlocking to cover large areas with safety edges available.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £3.99
  7. Ortho Tile Anti Fatige Tile System Edge

    A rubber anti fatigue tile system with large (91cm x 91cm) Interlocking tiles in open top or solid top.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £15.00
  8. Ortho Diamond Anti Fatigue Mats

    A very comfortable and cushioned anti fatigue mat offering beveled edges and a pressure relieving cushion surface. The diamond checker pattern offers improved grip.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £18.99
  9. Ortho Diamond Safety Anti Fatigue Mat

    A comfortable and cushioned anti fatigue providing beveled edges. This mat offers pressure relief and insulation from the cold.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £21.99
  10. Ortho Pebble Anti Fatigue Mat

    A comfortable and cushioned anti fatigue mat that helps to provide pressure relief for your feet and lower back. A very effective anti fatigue mat offering unbeatable value.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £14.99
  11. Ortho Pebble Safety Anti Fatigue Mat

    This mat is a similarly specified cushioned anti fatigue mat as our Ortho Pebble but with the addition of safety yellow borders.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £14.49
  12. Ortho pebble Lite Anti Fatigue Mats

    A lower profile and more cost effective version of our popular Ortho Pebble Anti fatigue Mat. Comfortable and cushioned anti fatigue mat complete with beveled edges.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £14.99
  13. Ortho Rib Anti Fatigue Mat Black

    A comfortable, soft and anti fatigue mat which helps relieve pressure on your feet and lower back while the ribbed surface helps prevent slips.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £18.30
  14. Ortho Rib Safety Anti Fatigue Mat

    This comfortable and cushioned anti fatigue mat offers the same specification as our very popular Ortho Rib but with the added benefit of ‘hi vis’ safety yellow borders.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £21.99
  15. Ortho Star Ultimate Anti Fatigue Mat

    The Ortho Star anti fatigue mat offers all the benefits of a vinyl sponge anti fatigue mat but is encased in a water and chemical resistant outer.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £23.99
  16. workzone Anti Fatigue Mat

    A multi-purpose anti-fatigue duckboard style mat with anti-slip surface and bevels on all sides for safety. Suitable for wet or dry areas.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £79.28
  17. Ortho Weld Anti Fatigue Mat

    The Ortho Weld Anti Fatigue mat has a flame retardant surface which makes it ideal for use in welding bays.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £45.00
  18. Comfort Tile PVC Anti Fatigue Tile

    Interlocking duckboard tile system with high grip surface is ideal for both indoor and outdoor dry or wet areas.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £1.99
  19. Eurosafe Industrial Mat

    A great value hard wearing industrial mat that offers excellent anti fatigue benefits, available in a grease resistant option.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £49.99
  20. Ergotred Anti Fatigue Mat

    A great rubber multi-purpose anti fatigue mat offering excellent comfort at a value price.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £57.92
  21. Oilzone Anti Fatigue Mat

    Outstanding quality anti-fatigue mat for wet or dry industrial use. Heavy duty and manufactured to withstand industrial oils and harsh chemicals.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £148.82
  22. Ortho Marble Anti Fatigue Matting

    A versatile anti fatigue mat with a marble effect hard wearing top surface for a modern look.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £54.99
  23. Rubber Rib Anti Slip Mat

    The Rubber Rib offers a low cost surface covering which is suitable for industrial flooring, work benches and vehicle interiors.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £9.99
  24. Euroflex Kitchen Anti Slip Mat

    PVC duckboard matting offering a very hard wearing anti slip soloution which is suitable for a variety of applications including commercial kitchens.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £54.99
  25. Versa Bubble Anti Fatigue Mat

    Superb value all rubber anti fatigue mat, Despite its cheap price the Versa Bubble is constructed for heavy duty use.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £35.99
  26. Swarfscrape anti slip Swarf Mat

    The swarfscrape mat offers effective swarf removal, also ideal as an anti slip mat in wet environments.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £39.99
  27. Swarfex Swarf Mat Anti Slip

    The Swarfex heavy duty swarf mat offers moulded scrapers and provides excellent swarf removal and an anti slip surface.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £35.99
  28. Kushion link

    A versatile anti fatigue matting system where the tiles can be connected to create any size and bevels edges can be fitted to enhance anti trip safety.

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    From : Excl. Vat: £70.00

28 Item(s)

Why buy Anti Fatigue Mats from us?

We offer the largest selection of Anti Fatigue Mats in the UK including individual mats, tile systems and rolls of anti fatigue matting to cover larger floor areas. With such a large range to call on we are able to offer anti fatigue mats for almost every situatrion and requirement.

We offer free delivery for all orders over £50+vat. and are experts in the anti fatigue mat field with many years of experience. We are always happy to offer our expert advice for any anti fatigue matting need that you may have. Additionally all of our anti fatigue products are carefully sourced from the very best suppliers to ensure that only quality products are supplied by us.

Free anti fatigue mat samples are available and for larger projects we can arrange a site visit free of charge.

What are Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Anti-Fatigue Mats are a type of floor mat especially designed to reduce the symptoms of fatigue caused by employees standing for long periods of time. Studies by organisations around the world have proven that using Anti Fatigue mats in the workplace will help to make workers more comfortable, increase productivity and boost staff morale.

There are many varieties of Anti Fatigue Matting on the market, made with differing materials and designed for specific industries such as engineering and machine shops which would generally require oil and chemical resistant mats, welding bays which would require fire resistant mats, commercial kitchens, shops, hotels and many other industries and occupations. Whatever kind of mat is required and used, they all work in the same way to reduce fatigue, stress and discomfort for staff.

Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WRMSD's) are conditions which can affect employees joints, muscles, tendons and whole musculoskeletal system. They can present periodically or become long term chronic condiitions.

According to the HSE there were 507,000 workers in the UK suffering from Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders in 2016/17 with 8.9 million working days lost during the same year.

Anti Fatigue Mats have been shown to reduce the amount of WRMSDs caused by standing for long periods of time in the workplace, whilst also reducing employee fatigue, boosting productivity and reducing absenteeism as a result of WRMSD's

Anti Fatigue Mat Close Up

How Do Anti Fatigue Mats Work?

When standing still for a period of time the blood flow in your legs reduces, this causes blood to pool in your lower legs as the veins struggle to return blood back up your body to the heart. The soft surface of an anti fatigue mat causes unnoticeable micro movements in the feet and lower limbs which encourages the venous pumps in your calfs to pump the pooling blood back up the body to the heart where it can be re-oxygenated. This re-oxygenated blood is pumped back round the body which reduces overall fatigue levels.

Anti fatigue mats are made to provide a soft surface to stand on which also has the added benefit of insulation from cold floor surfaces. Standing on cold floors can result in a drop in body temperature causing more fatigue to the body as it tries to restore body temperature back to normal.The softer standing surface encourages beneficial posture change and encourages micro movement of the feet which encourages a better circulation of blood in the lower limbs.

Where are Anti Fatigue Mats Used?

Anti fatigue mats can be found being used in many commercial environments where workers spend long periods of time standing. These premises include:


Warehouses / packing areas

Engineering workshops

Commercial Kitchens

Shops (particularly behind checkout areas and enquiry desks)

Hotels (usually behind reception desks and concierge)

Shopping Centres (behind enquiry desks and concierge)

Hair Salons and Barbers

What Different Types of Antifatigue Mats are Available?

Wet Area Matting

Mats that are intended to be used in wet areas require special consideration. If the mat is to be used in an area where water is present then a rubber mat  rather than a cellulose sponge mat would be required. Under NO circumstances should an open sponge type anti fatigue mat be used in a wet area as they will absorb the liquid. In areas where oil, grease, fats and other cehmicals are present then an antif fatigue mat with a high nitrile content in the rubber would be required.

In a wet area it is generally recommended to use an open top mat. These allow for liquids to drain through the mat to the floor below, leaving a dryer mat surface which helps prevent slip accidents.

Nitrile rubber anti fatigue mats are resistant to oil, grease, fat and many chemicals. If you use a particular chemical in your workplace and would like advice as to which mat would be suitable please contact us.

Dry Area Matting

Where an antif-fatigue mat is to be used in a dry environment where no contact with liquids will be made the main cosideration should be its effectiveness and anti fatigue properties. Cellulose sponge mats are generally used in dry areas as they provide a high level of anti fatigue benefit.

ESD Matting

ESD (electro static discharge) mats are designed to be used in areas where static build up can be a problem, areas such as electronic component production. These mats have an earthing stud built in to them which can then be connected to an earthing poinas well as providing anti fatigue benefits.

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